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Towards Sustainable Cities In Asia And The Middle East PDF

Book Description:

Towards Sustainable Cities In Asia And The Middle East PDF

This volume presents innovative work on innovative methods, tools and practices aimed at supporting the transition of Asian and Middle Eastern cities and regions towards a more smart and sustainable dimension. The role of the built and urban environment are becoming more pronounced in Asia and Middle East as the regions continues to experience rapid increase in population and urbanisation, which have only led to an increase in environmental degradation but also rise in energy consumption and emissions. Individual chapters covers timely topics such as sustainable infrastructure, transportation, renewable energy, water and methods supporting an innovative and sustainable development of urban areas. Real-world examples are presented to highlight recent developments and advancements in design, construction and transportation infrastructures. This volume is part of the proceedings of the 1st GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures, Egypt 2017.

Book Details:

Towards Sustainable Cities In Asia And The Middle East PDF: Proceedings Of The 1st Geomeast International Congress And Exhibition Egypt 2017 On Sustainable Civil Infrastructures

Author John Calautit
Isbn 3319616447
File size 47.2 MB
Year 2017
Pages 232
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

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