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The Gun Digest Book Of Personal Protection & Home Defense PDF

Book Description:

The Gun Digest Book Of Personal Protection & Home Defense PDF

With this book, the gun owner – whether novice or experienced – will learn everything he or she needs to know to safely keep a firearm and, if the need arises, use it with confidence. The Gun Digest Book of Personal Protection & Home Defense provides authoritative information to both the novice and experienced gun owner about personal protection – both inside and outside the home – using commonly available handguns, rifles and shotguns. From discussion of the legal and social issues involved and personal protection, selecting of the suitable firearm and ammunition, and discussion of practical training drills that build competence and confidence with the chosen firearm, this book is an important resource for the millions of first-time gun buyers. gun smithing,rifles,ammunition, shotguns, handguns, firearms

Book Details:

The Gun Digest Book Of Personal Protection & Home Defense: Shotguns Rifles Handguns PDF

Author Robert K. Campbell
Isbn 0896899381
File size 20.5 MB
Year 2009
Pages 255
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

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