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Men’S Fitness Lean & Strong 2015 PDF

Book Description:

Men’S Fitness Lean & Strong 2015 PDF

Bulk up and Burn Fat Fast……The Vegetarian Way!

If you want to learn how to create healthy, delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals that are specially designed to build muscle, burn fat and save time, then THE VEGETARIAN BODYBUILDING COOKBOOK is your answer! Every serious athlete knows that your nutrition is the most crucial part of building a lean, muscular and strong physique and can either make or break the results you see in the gym. However building muscle on a vegetarian diet can be more difficult as many foods are off limits. This can make things really tough, especially when you need to get in a certain amount of calories and fuel your demanding workouts in the gym! And lets face it… Most Vegetarian bodybuilding recipes are just downright bland and boring! With The Vegetarian Bodybuilding Cookbook, you’ll never have to be frustrated with your diet again. You’ll learn how to cook healthy, tasty, quick and easy meals that will build quality lean muscle mass, burn fat fast and won’t cost you an arm and a leg! And these recipes aren’t just a slight upgrade to familiar bodybuilding meals like you’d find in most health and fitness cookbooks. These recipes are so delicious your taste buds will believe you’re in a 5 star restaurant! The Vegetarian Bodybuilding Cookbook includes…19 mouth-watering breakfast meals like my Muscle Fruit & Nut cereal , Lean & Mean Veggie Burger, Oat Muscle Mush and Brawny Veggie Sausage Club. They will kick-start your engine and ensure you start off the day as you mean to go on! • 20 succulent and delicious entrees recipes like my Veggie Brawn Burger, Speedy Black Bean Surprise, Brawny Veg Lasagna, Tofu Lettuce Wraps and Feta & Brawny Barley Stuffed Portabellas. These meals will ensure that your body has no choice but to burn fat and build muscle! • 19 gourmet snacks like my Muscle Feta Cheese & Olives, Quick Fix Roasted Beans, Protein Packed Latte and Sweet Potato Wedges. • 13 tasty and nutritious sides like my Brawny Guacamole Hummus, Kale dip, Gourmet Green Beans, Protein Packed Egg & Bean Salad and Bulgur wheat, Feta Cheese & Quinoa Salad. These protein packed recipes will keep you anabolic, building muscle and shredding fat! • 15 tasty homemade protein shakes like my Breakfast banana shake, Blackberry Brawn, Caribbean Crush, Cinnamon Surprise and Pumpkin Power. • And much, much more… Get your Copy Right Now and Lets Get Cooking!

Book Details:

Men’S Fitness Lean & Strong 2015 PDF

Author Jason Farley
Isbn 1518786413
File size 81.2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 134
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

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