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Letters To Milena (The Schocken Kafka Library) PDF

Book Description:

Letters To Milena (The Schocken Kafka Library) PDF

In no other work does Franz Kafka reveal himself as in Letters to Milena, which begins as a business correspondence but soon develops into a passionate but doomed epistolary love affair. Kafka’s Czech translator, Milena Jesenská, was a gifter and charismatic twenty-three-year-old who was uniquely able to recognize Kafka’s complex genius and his even more complex character. For thirty-six-year-old Kafka, she was “a living fire, such as I have never seen.” It was to Milena that he revealed his most intimate self and, eventually, entrusted his diaries for safekeeping.

Letters to Milena

Book Details:

Letters To Milena (The Schocken Kafka Library) PDF

Author Franz Kafka
Isbn 0805212671
File size 1.1 MB
Year 2015
Pages 320
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

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