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How To Meet & Attract Men On Facebook PDF

Book Description:

How To Meet & Attract Men On Facebook PDF

From Mike Alvear, The Co-Host Of HBO’S The Sex Inspectors…This book is about getting handsome, generous, funny men to start conversations with a beautiful woman–you! Meeting worthwhile guys on Facebook requires subtle weapons of mass seduction. And they’re all here in this book:


* How to use the “Photographic Rules Of Three” to heighten a man’s interest.
* The exact type and number of pictures you should put in the Profiles album
* Why you need a “Guide & Glide” element in the Albums section.
* The best way of showcasing yourself without wearing anything revealing
* The best things to wear in your photos that have an effect on quality men (it’s not lingerie!)
* How to use lighting and angles to get the best digital you.
* Photographic tricks models use to create desire.
* Recommendations on the best free (or inexpensive) photo editing applications.


Your Facebook profile needs to do triple-duty: It has to appeal to you, your friends and to guys you’re interested in. And it has to do it in a way that nobody gets shortchanged.

You don’t want your Facebook profile reading like it belongs on a dating site, but at the same time, it needs a little guy-bait. If you don’t make it easy for them to make a comment about some aspect of your profile, you’re going to lose out big–especially from shier guys who may not know how to keep the conversation going. This section shows you:

* A 6-step formula for building profiles that make guys want to poke, comment or email you.

* The secret websites that professional writers use to create original material. You’ll get a step-by-step formula for using these sites to create powerful, original profiles.

* Dozens of cool Facebook tricks that’ll bedazzle your profile and wall postings with all sorts of interesting symbols, images, font sizes and more. They’ll make you unforgettable.


You need to start a fun, innocent conversation and slowly build attraction. Learn how to:

* Make comments on his status updates and photos that’ll intrigue him to the point that he HAS TO check out your pics and profile.

* Post irresistible observations on his Wall that guarantee a fun, on-going conversation.

* “Poking” strategies that turn into flirting opportunities.

About The Author:
Mike Alvear co-hosted HBO’s The Sex Inspectors, blogs for the Huffington Post and writes a weekly sex and relationships column.

Book Details:

How To Meet & Attract Men On Facebook PDF: A Woman’S Guide To Meeting Worthwhile Men

Author Michael Alvear
Isbn B005TOO25G
File size 432.5 KB
Year 2011
Pages 61
Language English
File format PDF
Category Relationships

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