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Hci And User-Experience Design PDF

Book Description:

Hci And User-Experience Design PDF

This book consists of a series of essays which addresses the essentials of the development processes in user-experience design (UX design) planning, research, analysis, evaluation, training and  implementation, and deals with  the essential components (metaphors, mental models, navigation, and appearance) of user-interfaces and user-experiences during the period of 2002-2007.

These essays grew from the authors own column entitled ‘Fast Forward’ which appeared in Interaction Magazine – the flagship publication of the ACM Special Interest Group on Human-Computing Interaction (SIGCHI). Written in such a way as to ensure longevity, these essays have not been edited or updated, however a short Postscripts has been added to provide some comments on each topic from a current perspective.

HCI and User-Experience Design provides a fascinating historical review of  the professional and research world of UX and HCI during a period of significant growth and development and would be of interest to students, researchers, and designers who are interested in recent developments within the field.

HCI and User Experience Design Fast Forward to the Past Present and Future

Book Details:

Hci And User-Experience Design PDF: Fast-Forward To The Past Present And Future (Human-Computer Interaction Series) (English And Chinese Edition)

Author Aaron Marcus
Isbn 1447167430
File size 11.4 MB
Year 2015
Pages 282
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

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